Evil Ham™

You've heard about it...

But you can't get it from me because we're finally sold out!

But fear not, because now you can home-brew it for a fraction of the price, if you check your grocer's Canned Goods and Office Supplies aisle.

Or you can order it online for even more.

Here are the simple instructions:

Check your local U.S. supermarket's Canned Goods aisle for Canned Underwood® Deviled Ham Spread, or look for it on Amazon at various price points.

Then bop on over to the Office Supplies aisle and pick up the nearest bottle or pen of correction fluid.

I like Paper Mate® Liquid Paper® correction pens, but other brands and formats are available.

Finally, paint out the initial D and the final ED to turn DEVILED into EVIL. Then display it somewhere with pride.

This product mashup not endorsed by anyone, anywhere. Enjoy at your own peril.

What's it taste like? Well…