I'm a hit with the critics! Or at least with this carefully selected subset of complimentary critics.

One of Mike's former bosses, Anita Bonita

"In my twenty-plus years of broadcast experience, Mike Pollock is the single all-around most creative human being with whom I've ever been associated. I've yet to encounter the person, place, or thing whose sound he couldn't replicate in short order. He writes, he voices, he sings, he intones."

Anita Bonita, Director of Creative Services, SJS Entertainment

Pokemon Movie 17-19 Collection: XY Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel

" Mike Pollock (Sonic the Hedgehog’s Doctor Eggman) was expertly cast in the role, providing a voice that perfectly captures Volcanion’s wisdom, as well as the hostility bubbling within."

Josh A. Stevens, Anime UK News

Astonishing X-Men - Gifted

"I was especially impressed with Mike Pollock's voice for Beast, as he gives him the cadence of a nerdy scientist with the underlying animalistic growl of...well, of a beast."

Chris Sims, Comics Alliance

Demon Fighter Kocho

"But it's Michael Pollock as the professor who really shines-- he manages to steal almost every scene he's in."

Mike Toole, Anime Jump!

Berserk: Complete Collection (Remastered)Berserk: Golden Age Arc II - Battle for Doldrey

"We also hear good work from some of the actors for the secondary characters. One that should be of note is Tessyou Genda and Mike Pollock, the actors for the Chuder military captain Adon. Both do wonderfully at portraying Adon as the hilariously egotistical and inept captain that he is."

DVD Vision Japan

Jungle Emperor Leo

"[One of the] film's standout performances [is]...especially from Mike Pollock, who's absolutely dynamite as one of Tezuka's most unusual characters, Mr. Mustache[sic]. I pegged Pollock as one to watch a few years back in Demon [Fighter] Kocho, and I'm pleased to see that he's still doing so well. His easy balance of Mr. Mustache's comic demeanor and surprising pathos is brilliant."

Mike Toole, Anime Jump!

Giant Robo: The Animation

"PROFESSOR SHIZUMA (Mike Pollock) -- Pollock is simply excellent here, capturing both the current frazzled, repentant Shizuma and the more arrogant, younger Shizuma perfectly. His work as present-day Shizuma is interesting from an acting standpoint because the story, at this point, is telling us that Shizuma is a modern hero. So why is he so nervous and twitchy? Well, the eventual true Bashtarle flashback shows us why, though I'm not going to spoil the revelation there. Let's just say that it adds real weight to current-day Shizuma, and that Pollock does wonders with it.

Anime Dub Reviews

Little Tug's Big Adventure [VHS]

"The voice acting and narration are excellent...."

School Library Journal

"Young kids will enjoy the engaging voices...."

Parenting Magazine

Sonic Generations

"Hey, say what you want about Sonic and the rest, but Mike Pollock’s Eggman is an absolute joy to listen to. You can tell that he must be having a great time voicing the role, and it’s a shame not to have it here, especially when we’re certain the Nintendo 3DS could more than adequately handle it."

David Oxford, RipTen

A Cat in Paris

"The gangster characters all have baffling accents..."

Witney Seibold, Crave Online

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