"Shout-Out For Starbucks" Policy

Want a shout-out for your YouTube or other online media channel? There's a Shout-Out for Starbucks policy for that.

At my discretion, I'll record a shout-out for you of ten seconds or fewer for the low, low price of a $5 Starbucks Card eGift (or a £5 Starbucks Card eGift) e-mailed to itsamike+starbucks@gmail.com. For longer bits of voice-work, please refer to my Rate Card.

I cannot and will not record custom dialog for any of the copyrighted characters which I have performed professionally, but if you'd like, I can generically say "the voice of {Character Name} in the voice of that character, to prove it's really me.

Please bear in mind that I prefer to be paid market rates for my work, so one $5 card offer to a customer, please. This offer may be amended or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Best of luck!